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France Holiday Rentals

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Welcome to France Holiday Rentals

The idea for this website first came about in early 2008 when I was chatting with friends about their ideas for a holiday to France. They were moaning that in the vast sea of France holiday rentals websites that they found on the internet none of them gave them a real idea of what the different destinations were like.

France Holiday RentalsIt’s all well and good going onto the internet or looking at holiday brochures to find a house to rent in France in a town or village that you already know, but what if you don’t know where you want to go? Where do you start?

So here we are. My friends and I have decided to research and build a website that gives a true picture of what holiday rentals in France are really all about. We also have a site dedicated to articles on Portugal holiday rentals.

With this in mind, If you would like to recommend a favourite place in France to our readers then why not write an article about it, email it to us and we’ll add it to our list of towns and villages?

Advertise your France Holiday Rental here for free - Simply click here or call usFrance is a big country, way bigger than the UK. It is divided up into 22 mainland Regions (including Corsica) which in turn break down into 92 Departments and from there, many many many towns and villages.

If you count the list of regions to the left of this page you'll see that we have actually listed 23 regions of France. This is because we have seperated "Provence" and "Cote d'Azur" for ease of use rather than just writing one section on "Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur" as it is officially known.

What we have tried to do with this website is give you an introduction to each Region, each Department and many hundreds of towns and villages. For each section we have written about where the Region, Department or town/village is, how you can get there and ultimately what type of France holiday rentals you can expect to find there.

How to use this site

Use the map below to see which part of France you'd like to find out more about.

Simply click on the region of France that interests you to be taken straight to information about that region, including links to all the departments that make up that region.

Regions of France from France Holiday Rentals Languedoc Roussillon Aquitaine Burgundy Corsica Corsica Cote d'Azur Franche Comte Ile de France Limousin Loire Valley Loraine Normandy Pays de la Loire Poitou Charentes Alsace Auvergne Champagne-Ardennes Rhone-Alpes Normandy Picardie Brittany Midi-Pyrenees Holiday rentals in Nord-Pas-de-Calais You can also use the navigation menus on the far left of each page to go directly to information pages about all regions and departments.

If you click on the region of Rhone-Alpes for example, you will be taken to that page.

The menus on that page will then change, still showing you all the regions of France but now showing you a list of all the departments that make up the Rhone-Alpes region.

You can come back to the full list of regions and departments at anytime by clicking on the Home button at the top of every page.

Alternatively, if you want to find out information about a specific town or village in France then use the map below to see pin points for all towns and villages that we have written about. Each pinpoint has a clickable link that will take you to the specific page about that town or village.

Please note that this small map is only able to show a selection of markers and you must click on View France Holiday Rentals in a larger map to see the full map with all place markers on.

You can zoom in and out using the controls in the top left corner of the map as well as scrolling left, right, up and down and even dragging the map with your mouse.

This section of the website is going to take a while to complete as you can imagine so please be patient with us. If you don't see what you're looking for today, make sure you check back in a few weeks and see how things have changed.

France Holiday Rentals Towns and Villages Map

View France Holiday Rentals in a larger map 

Whether you’re looking for holiday rentals in Chamonix where you can spend your time knee deep in snow, holiday rentals in Paris exploring this magnificent city or holiday rentals in Provence soaking up the sun, lying by a pool and immersing yourself in Peter Mayle’s wonderfully portrayed part of France, we have tried to give you the full picture of what France holiday rentals really have to offer.

Along the way we shall try and share a few tips with you to make your holiday to France just that little bit better. One of our best is how to get the best deals on Car Hire in France.

France Holiday RentalsWe have also started a blog to share with you any experiences, observations or general thoughts about looking for, booking or travelling to your holiday rentals in France. I suppose that what we’d ideally like to achieve is to turn this site into a sort of social networking environment where people can share thoughts, ideas and tips with everyone else to give everyone the best chance to get the most out of their France holiday rentals and this wonderfully diverse country.

With this in mind, if you have any thoughts that you’d like to share then why not drop us an email or post a comment on our blog?

All that is left to say is I hope that you find this site useful and enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it. If you’ve enjoyed a holiday to France before why not try a different part of the country and experience a different side of what France has to offer? If you haven’t, why not do it this year and see what you’ve been missing?


Simon Kerridge

France Holiday Rentals

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